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How to Get a Chiropractic Cranial Adjustment

Posted - 02/29/2012

The misalignment of your cranial bones can impede the essential work of your nerves. The improper innervation of your organs and tissues will cause pain and suboptimal performance. By realigning these bony plates, your chiropractor can treat you for post-concussion syndrome, attention deficit disorder, migraine headaches and a wide range of conditions. It is essential to receive a cranial adjustment if you have experienced a head injury. These injuries increase your risk for several ailments. During your office visit, describe your symptoms.

Headache sufferers should keep a diary documenting the time, severity and duration of each episode. This will alert the chiropractor to food triggers, sleep disorders or other possible causes. It also assists in developing your course of treatment. The doctor will stabilize your cranial bones and press them into their correct position. You can facilitate the adjustment by breathing in accordance with the doctor’s guidance.

This procedure isn’t painful, but some patients report that they experience a range of emotions. The emotional responses are temporary. Ask your practitioner about any self-care techniques. The chiropractor may recommend stretching exercises, nutritional supplements and procedures that you can do at home between office visits. Contact a professional chiropractic clinic for assistance.
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